12 December 2013

Christmas List

So I think I am finally done shopping for Ryder for Christmas. I told myself I wouldn't go overboard this year....but kids are so fun to shop for! Here a few things I've snagged for him

I feel like Ryder had a growth spurt and doesn't fit in any of his clothes. Especially his pants. So he is getting a ton for Christmas.

Volcom Grey pants and Blue shorts from zulily
Freshly Picked Moccs
Waffle Knit Hoodie
Skinny Jeans
Striped Jersey Pants

I seriously can't get over these little moccs. It's taking everything I have not to put them on him before Christmas!!

These were some of my Black Friday deals I got for him. Minus the little purple kitty, that's for my niece :)

These are his Jammie's and slippers I got for his Christmas Eve box. I just need to throw in a few treats and maybe a movie.

I also got him a Mickey coloring book, bubble bath, crayons, movies, some jammies and a few other things for his stocking stuffers. He also LOVES Balloons so I think I might tie a few to some of his Santa gifts. I also just saw this awesome play table from Ikea on Little Baby Garvin Blog that I really want to get Ryder last minute. I cant believe Christmas is only 13 days away!

And I'll leave you with a classic screaming Santa picture. He was just not having it this year. Santa looks a little scared himself. 


  1. How can you not go overboard when you have a new baby?! The picture with Santa makes me laugh!

    1. Exactly!! Babies are the best to shop for!