26 November 2014

5 Months Old

This little sassy pants is 5 months old! As usual time is flying and we are loving watching Gage grow. Some of his favorite things are the bath tub, Sophie the giraffe, playing with his feet, listening to himself talk, pulling on his big brothers hair, watching the dog and putting everything in his mouth. He doesn't like laying on his back, he has to sleep on his side and is trying to sit up on his own. He is also trying really hard to roll from his back to his belly. I'll find him on his belly sometimes at night in his crib. If I put him on his belly he'll worm his way to toys or whatever he wants. Which makes me think he might be an early crawler. Yikes! 

His sleep is still all over the place but I do feel like it's improving. Just when you think you're getting on a schedule a tooth starts to break through! I forgot how hard teething is! He has to be sucking on his binky or nursing or else he's fussy. His naps are all over the place during the day and he likes to nurse to sleep but we are trying to break that habit. Poor dad and grandma got a good dose of his screaming when I wasn't home and he wanted to nurse to sleep. He does still get up twice a night to eat but usually will go right back to sleep. He won't sleep unless his oil diffuser is going, It works as a great white noise machine. I'm thinking about actually buying a noise machine so I can use the diffuser in other rooms during the day. 

Gage is a mixture of sweetness and sass and definitely runs this house! If he wants attention he'll squeal until he gets it then give you the sweetest smile. He absolutely loves Ryder and Ryder loves him! If Gage is crying Ryder says "don't cry baby" and strokes his hair and he'll stop fussing. He's definitely our secret weapon to soothe Gage. 
He doesn't like his car seat but loves riding in the car. It puts him right to sleep unless you stop. Including stopping at stop lights and stop signs. He'll wake right up!
He weighs a little over 17lbs, is in size 3 diapers and is wearing 6-12 month clothes. 

This little spitfire brings so much happiness to our family and we just love him to pieces! Time please slow down....

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  1. Oh my gosh how cute! I totally forgot about the Sophie...I'm pulling it out!