03 November 2014

Trick or Treat!

How was everyone's Halloween?? This was Ryder's first year actually trick or treating since he was so little last year and he absolutely loved it! He would quietly say "trick or treat" at each door then he would take his time carefully picking his candy. He would whisper thank you then run away yelling wahoo!!! Gage just slept in his moby the entire time and Ryder gladly accepted two pieces of candy for his little brother. 

           {Ryder and my dad}

Every year our neighborhood has a party outside so after trick or treating we finished out our night watching monster house while we sat by a bonfire and drank hot chocolate. 
We spent the next day recovering from our candy hangovers and Ryder woke up yelling trick or treat!!!

I love seeing the holidays through my kids eyes and this Halloween was nothing short of amazing!! We sure had a blast and I feel so blessed to have my amazing little family. 

And now that it's November you better believe the boys are in Christmas Jammie's and Christmas music is playing this morning! I don't even feel bad about it.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Oh, how sweet! I love the boys costumes. They looked amazing. Trick or treating is so much fun with the little kiddos. This is the first time in years that we didn't get to go with the kids and it was weird. I missed it a little bit. Love all the cute little jammies you put the boys in. I don't know where you find them, but they are all so adorable. Thanks for sharing.