07 November 2014


So I planned on doing a fun little Friday favorites post until these two little monsters decided to tag team me last night and switched up getting up every other hour. So instead, you get a nice little photo dump of our week while Ryder naps and I feed Gage in bed. 

Every morning when Ryder wakes up he always asks to hold Gage. It's my favorite part of the day and I love listening to the stories he tells him. "Baby cars on tv!!" "My car tire broken baby. Dada fix it when he gets home" 

Ryder was really excited to go to school this week and he made sure to kiss his toys goodbye and told them he'd be home soon. 

I let him pretend to drive to school since its a few houses away. He pushes buttons, moves the steering wheel, turns on the blinker then we get out and walk him to school. 2 year old imaginations are the best!

Bath and meal time are always interesting around here.

Gage has just been doing the usual this week of eating, not sleeping and being too dang cute for his own good. 

This week we are thankful for technology that's allows the boys to see their daddy If he's away for work. Gage was sure happy to see him and gave him lots of smiles. Ryder likes to take the iPad and walk daddy around the house telling him stories about the day and showing him the moon. He will even throw in a "help me dada! Mama mean!" To coax him into coming home. Thanks kid! We're So glad he's home.

This week was long and it may be 3:00 and Were still in our pj's but we sure are excited it's the weekend! 

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