24 November 2014

Our Weekend

We had a Christmas filled weekend over here and I loved every minute of it! We took the boys to the "lighting of the trees" at some local shops. Ryder loved all the lights, sipped on some hot chocolate and got to pet some horses who were giving carriage rides. Gage just stayed bundled up in the stroller and loved gazing at the lights. 

Saturday night Tyson surprised me with a date night and we headed out for dinner and a movie. Despite the bad food and mocking jay being sold out we still had a great time. 

Sunday we did our weekly shopping and just relaxed at home. We are starting off Thanksgiving week with a huge to do list full of shopping, cleaning and baking. Gage is teething and has been super fussy and clingy so I hope he lets me get some things done. This year Thanksgiving dinner will be at our home and I'm so excited to be with family and stuff our faces together. 

These two are ready to tackle our thanksgiving shopping. Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun! Your boys are too cute. Good luck with Thanksgiving. Hopefully Gage lets you get some things done. Maddox was like that a couple of days ago and it's tiring.