20 May 2015

It's Pajama time!

So I totally started out this post with "Happy Friday Everyone!" really....its Wednesday....nowhere near Friday. This whole moving, packing, cleaning, organizing, sick kids, mastitis, house selling and house building has officially fried my brain. Wish us luck that we survive this move :)
So now that warmer weather is here it has me looking for some summer jammies for the boys. I don't know what it is, but little babes running around in shorty short jammies are my favorite. Must be the delicious leg rolls! So I rounded up a few of my favorite Summer jams to get you ready for the season!
One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six
Hanna Andersson jammies are my all time favorite but they can be hard on the bank account. I got lucky one time and our local Costco was selling them for a steal so I made sure I stocked up.
If you didn't notice, stripes are totally my jam lately. My favorite striped jammies of all time are from Stay + Co but sadly their shop is now closed and Gage's huge thighs are busting out of them.
Baby Gap is killing it right now with their Girl Jammies that it almost makes me want a girl!.....almost.
And if you love jammies like we do, grab the Pajama Time! book to read for bedtime!
Happy almost Friday!

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