05 May 2015

Bedtime with Nuby

Bedtime with Gage is usually pretty simple. We do bath, lotion, Jammie's, read some books and a feeding. However, most of the time he won't go to sleep unless I nurse him to sleep which makes it really hard to leave him with a baby sitter or Tyson. If he wakes up at night he has to be nursed or he wont go back to sleep and it is definitely not a good habit. So I was really excited to try the Nuby Classic Oval Softflex Pacifier . The things I love most about this binky is the front of it is soft instead of hard like most binky's, so it really does move and flex to mimick a mother's nipple. I also love that it is the same shape all around so Gage can put it in himself without putting it upside down like some binky's. It also has teething nubs on the base of it to soothe sore gums and I really love the colors it comes in. 

Soft Flex Classic Oval Oscillating Pacifier
- 0-6 months and 6 months +
- Classic oval shaped baglet flexes, stretches and moves like a mother's nipple
- teething nubs around the base of the baglet massages and soothes sore gums
- fun bright colors

Available at these retailers
- Ross
- DD's Discounts
- Baby Depot at Burlington

Gage only gets a binky when he sleeps and having an alternative to nursing has been great as we try to wean him from his night time habit. Sweet dreams baby Gage!

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