12 May 2015

Life Lately

I hope all you mama's had a great Mother's Day! Birth moms, moms of angel babies, moms who have lost moms of their own, adoption moms, or future moms patiently waiting for their babies, you are all amazing and are definitely worth celebrating! 
For my Mother's Day, Tyson woke up early with the boys so I could sleep in which was so nice! You know your a mom when sleeping in until 8:30 is amazing. Ryder woke me up with flowers while yelling "Happy birthday mama!" So close kid. Then we headed out for a nice big breakfast in our jammies. Pancakes are definitely a way to my heart. 

Life has been so crazy the past few weeks. We sold our house, which is really good news except we only have until the end of the month to pack and find a place to live until our new house is being built. So we have spent every waking minute packing and moving most of our things into a storage unit. I forgot how awful moving is! On top of that both boys have colds and Gage has 3 more teeth breaking through making our move extra hard. We are exhausted, stressed and feeling rushed but we are oh so thankful. 

So because we are moving soon, you may notice a gap in blogging for a few days while we move and get settled into a rental. We are hoping the move goes smoothly with the boys and doesn't disrupt their schedules too much. Ryder is already saying he is sad to be leaving his home so it might be a little hard on him but Hopefully we can all adjust quickly. Packing our first home has been so emotional and it's definitely going to be hard to leave.

But in other news, we broke ground on our new home! It definitely makes our things much easier being able to see progress on our future home. 

Other than packing, we've been spending most of our time outside {when it hasn't been raining}, going for walks on our favorite river trail, and just watching these two play their hearts out in last few weeks of being in our home. 

I've got a super fun giveaway coming soon on my Instagram @whitrichins so be sure to keep an eye out!  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Man you're busy busy busy! Lol I would be pulling my hair out!!