08 May 2015

Ryder's Turning THREE!!

How is my baby already turning 3 in just a few short weeks?? My mama heart aches that this little guy is not a baby anymore but at the same time, I love seeing the little person he is becoming. 

Dear Ryder,
You are growing up so fast that I just can't handle it! But your daddy and I love watching you learn new things and change everyday. 

You are the sweetest soul I've ever known. We were worried about how you'd adjust welcoming Gage into our family but you adjusted like nothing had changed, maybe you remember him from Heaven? You share your toys so nicely with Gage, help him eat his food and show him everything he needs to know about bugs, cars and all things boy. You call him Bam Bam and if he is crying you say "don't cry bam bam. PEEK A BOO!! All better now?" you were definitely made to be a big brother and I hope you guys are always best friends. 

You love bugs, cars, monster trucks, fishing, tools and every kind of animal. You absolutely adore your daddy and you are definitely his mini me. You love going for rides in daddy's truck and riding daddy like a horse pretending you're a cowboy. Your favorite place to be is at either of your grandparents house and you ask on a daily basis to go see them. You love ice cream, yogurt, toast, pasta, strawberries, grapes and root beer floats. Your favorite colors are blue and green, your favorite movie is Big Hero 6 and you love your dog Cash so much. We call you Ry Ry or bug and at times we call you Wreck it Ryder :) you are still attached to your lovey, you can't do anything with out it. Your dad and I joke that it'll be in your backpack when you are in Junior High. 

You love when I take pictures of you saying "cheese!!" anytime I get the camera out.  You would be outside all day long if I let you and you love playing with dirt and rocks. You are so sensitive that you cry during sad commercials and you can be shy at times but you have such a big and sweet personality. 

You say the funniest things, have a big imagination, and you give the best hugs and kisses. We love you Ryder! You'll always be our baby no matter how big you get. 

Love, Mama and Dada