28 May 2015

Life Lately

Between non stop rain, sick babies, and packing life has been a little crazy. This weekend we are closing on our house, moving and it is also Ryder's 3rd birthday so we have a busy few days ahead of us.  Busy is good right?? 

Gage is starting to feel better and we will follow up soon with his ruptured ear drum. What a little trooper he was! I'll be doing an 11 month update on him soon, even though it will be late. 

Last Friday we went and toured a new temple nearby. It was so beautiful and when we first pulled in Ryder yelled "Disneyland!!"

These cute boys dressed for Memorial Day. I'm just glad it stopped raining for 10 minutes for a quick picture and an ice cream. Ryder keeps saying "the sun coming out soon??" Yes buddy I sure hope so!

Our house now has a foundation! It makes all this packing and moving so much more bearable now that we can see process on our new home. And check out that view!

Hope you are all having a good week so far! We're hoping the weekend comes fast and that its full of sunshine!!


  1. A ruptured eardrum??? Poor guy and poor you!

  2. What a view! Can't wait to see the house. Poor Gage! My best friend is moving to Utah next week and I'll definitely be going to visit her in the future.