16 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The weather here is screaming CHRISTMAS and we are loving every minute of it! I was really sick for over a week and for that whole week we were homebound. There's nothing like a good snow storm when there's no where to be. The boys also got Christmas pics over the weekend and we got a little sneak peak. All the heart eyes for that hand hold!
This is the first snow of the season that they were actually able to play in. G was just a baby last winter so this was the first time he got to play in it, and by play I mean eat. Ryder had a blast pelting me in the face with snowballs. Revenge was sweet when he face planted it right after.

This snow has me itching so bad to put up our tree, I even bought a whole new ornament set for it. But we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year so I am trying really hard to wait. No promises though. So in the meantime we will just enjoy everything else Christmas.

The hubby has caught my sickness, so wish me luck taking care of three children today

Happy Snow day!
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  1. We haven't gotten any snow yet, but our weather has been totally crazy! One day it's super warm the next it's ice cold. Love the holiday pictures!

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