17 November 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas traditions are one of my favorite parts about the Holiday Season and my best memories come from these traditions. Now that I have a family of my own we do the same traditions I did when I was a kid and we have added a few new ones of our own.

A Festive Breakfast on Christmas Eve morning is a great idea since Christmas Morning is usually busy. And lets be honest, who want's to make a big breakfast after the kids have woken you up at 5 am. Not me.

Christmas Eve Jammies was my favorite as a kid. On Christmas Eve we get to open one present and inside are holiday pjs and sometimes we throw in slippers, a movie, a book or a snack. We then get the boys dressed in the jammies and bundle them up and go to a festival of lights in our town. I haven't gotten Ryder and Gage their Eve pj's yet but a few of my favorites are Cookies Sleep Set, Striped Sleep Set, Santa One Piece and Deer Print Sleep Set for you girl mama's.

I know a lot of people that make  Magic Reindeer Food  and sprinkle it on their driveways for Santa's Reindeer. We've never done this but now that Ryder is older I bet he'd love it. I'll leave Tyson up to leaving the Reindeer prints all over the driveway.

On Christmas Eve we like to all bundle up and walk around our neighborhood handing out our neighbor gifts. A few years ago I did these Hand Soap Gifts and they were a huge hit, plus they were super easy. Since we are in a new neighborhood this year I think I will give these gifts a try again.

Baking cookies for Santa is a must on Christmas Eve. We usually just do chocolate chip cookies but this year I'm determined to do something a little more out of the box. I love these Reindeer and Santa Cookies but they might be a little too fancy for my non-creative self. We'll see.

The Holiday's alone are amazing but add in kids and they are just plain magical. I can't wait to make more memories with my babies this season.


  1. The boys matching clothes slay me every time! Such cuties. A Christmas Eve breakfast is genius!

  2. I have done the Christmas Eve Breakfast for a few years and it really is awesome!! So much better than doing it on Christmas and it gets the kids excited for the fun few days ahead! I do themes each year for breakfast and we have done a snowman breakfast and last year a reindeer breakfast! So worth it! and they look forward to it every year now!