02 November 2015


Another Halloween has come and gone and this year definitely didn't disappoint! 
We spent Halloween Eve snuggled up watching Halloween movies and painting pumpkins. Hocus Pocus was on repeat while Ryder painted a ninja turtle pumpkin {which means he just smeared paint everywhere and called it Leonardo} and Gage ate more paint than he got on his pumpkin. 

Ryder was a Ninja Turtle of course and Gage was Bamm Bamm. Gage wouldn't keep his hat on but you better believe he hit everything and everyone with that bat of his while Ryder ran around hiii yaaaa!! ing all over the place. 
Ryder had been practicing his "trick or treat!!" And "happy halloween!!" All week and had it mastered by the big day. Gage followed behind at each house yelling "chee chee" {trick or treat} and got super pissed when he wasn't allowed to open every piece of candy after each house.

After filling our buckets with plenty of candy and staying up way past bedtime we finally got the boys to sleep and started a fire in our pit and had some friends over. Gage was asleep for approximately 15 minutes before he woke up screaming and didn't stop until 5 am. The last time this happened he had a bad ear infection and his ear drum had ruptured so even though he hasn't been sick I knew it had to be his ears again. So me and Tyson tagged teamed it and took turns sleeping and rocking a screaming baby all night long.  It's nights like these that remind me how awesome of a partner I have in this whole parenting business. I did end up taking him for a drive around 1 am which calmed him down but didn't get him to sleep but Tyson was finally able to get him to sleep from 5-7am. We headed to the doctor bright and early Sunday morning to find out he had a bad double ear infection to the point where both drums were on the verge of rupturing. Tubes are in the near future for this poor little guy. So between daylight savings, Halloween candy hangovers and a very sick baby we were exhausted. 

Even though we are super sad Halloween is over, we are so excited for the upcoming holiday season! November = Christmas Jammie's in our house! I've seen Christmas trees already popping up all over my social media and although it makes me giddy, This year I'm going to try my best to wait until after thanksgiving to put up our Christmas decorations. Wish me luck with that!

Hope you all had a great Halloween and remember, Starbucks holiday red cups are a great for post Halloween blues! :) 


  1. I think we set up our tree right after Halloween last year. Hopefully Gage feels better. We've never experienced ear infections yet, but sick kids are no fun regardless, and I bet the night took forever with that extra hour of sleep!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

    1. I so want to set up my tree right now!! He's feeling better thanks so much! And yes that extra hour killed me. Like really almost killed me haha

  2. Such cute costumes!!! I can only imagine a disgruntled 16 month old trying to fight his way to his candy! Its only once a year after all ;)

  3. How does Ryder like wearing moccasins? I have some for my 11 month old but haven't got my oldest (3 years) a pair since he was 2. My main concern is him stepping on a rock or something but curious to see how he likes them since he is older too? The boys get cuter everyday.

    1. Ryder loves them and never has any issues wearing them! He actually likes them better than hard soles because they are much easier to run and play in. He plays in gravel
      In our backyard all the time and never complains about the rocks. The only complaint I have about them is they don't keep their feet very warm so we just put socks on if it's colder outside. Try them on your 3 year old he'll probably love them!