05 November 2015

Thanksgiving Inspiration

You guys, its snowing. It's the first snow of the season and it has me in a crazy Christmas mood. So instead of putting up my tree like I promised I wouldn't, I am rounding up my favorite Thanksgiving tablescapes and goodies. You can also check out my Thanksgiving Board on Pinterest for more ideas.
Gold, neutral and plenty of Kraft Paper are definitely my favorites this year. Kraft Paper table runner's with handwritten name tags on them would be so easy and festive. Also, that kids table with Kraft paper and colored pencils would be a big hit in my house!

With Thanksgiving comes plenty of yummy drinks. Apple Cider Sangria, Apple Pie Punch and these Turkey Cup Kids Drinks add the perfect touch to a big dinner.

Am I the only one who get's Thanksgiving outfits for my kids? Nothing crazy or over the top just a little nicer outfit than our daily wear. These Beau Hudson Cardigans {pictured below} are an easy way to dress up any outfit for boys or girls.
Apparently Thanksgiving pj's are non existent. So we will have these jammies waiting to wear Thanksgiving night. You all know Holiday Jams are a must in my house.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away! Time, please slow down. The excitement of the Holiday season is upon us and we are so excited to enjoy every minute of it with family and friends. Now me and my two little Turkey's are going to enjoy what little Snow we got today and i'm still trying to explain to Ryder that even though its snowing, doesn't mean Santa is coming tonight. Sorry kid.

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  1. I usually just brush off thanksgiving decorations but I love the ideas you posted. That "tree branch" silverware is amazing! I wish snow meant Santa was coming!
    'Tis Our Life Blog