02 January 2015

6 months old

This little spit fire turned 6 months old on Christmas Eve. I tried to stuff him in a stocking for a picture however he was a tad too chunky! His 6 month well check isn't until Monday so I don't know all his stats but he does weigh 18 lbs. I'm curious to see if his height is off the charts still. 

He has reached so many milestone the past few weeks and I'm still in shock at how fast he is growing. He is crawling!{you can see a few video's on my insta @whitrichins} Ryder didn't crawl until a little after 9 months so I totally wasn't prepared for an early crawler. He also has his first tooth and I forgot how miserable teething is! I also didn't realize I'd become a chew toy during it either.

Look how he's grown the past 6 months. 

                {6 months of Gage}

Feeding: He is still doing great breastfeeding and he nurses about every 3 hours. I am so happy that I've reached my second Breastfeeding goal! Next is to make it to 9 months then 12 months. I wasn't able to nurse Ryder so it feels amazing to go this far with Gage. He is having his 6 month growth spurt right no so he feeds all day long. I almost thought my milk supply was low because he was eating so often. We also have incorporated puréed fruits and veggies as well as oatmeal into his diet. I make his baby food because I find it a lot easier and I have more options. So far he has had avocado, peas, pears, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. He only eats them once or twice a day and breast milk is still his main source of food. 

Sleeping: He is FINALLY doing better on napping during the day. I no longer want to rip out my hair all day long and I can actually get stuff done. He does still fuss a little before falling asleep but if I just leave him alone he'll soothe himself. He also loves sleeping on his tummy and I think it actually helps him sleep better. He doesn't nap as long as he probably should but I'll take all I can get.  Right now he is taking 2 or 3 naps a day. He still gets up a few times a night to eat but will usually fall right back asleep. I try really hard to just give him his binky to get him back to sleep so he doesn't get a nursing sleep association but I know it's normal for babies to still wake to feed during the night at this age. With his growth spurt right now he gets up every 2 hours at night to eat so I'm excited for that to pass. 

Milestones: First tooth, army crawling, eating solid foods and sitting up by himself.

Loves nursing, his binky, sleeping on his belly, taking a bath, making loud noises {he wakes Ryder up constantly at night if he wakes up because he talks so loud} his big brother, snuggling up under daddy's neck, the dog, putting things in his mouth, pulling hair {including daddy's beard} crawling and anything that makes noise

Hates when I take anything away from him, getting out of the bath, sitting still, sleeping. 

We sure do love this ball of sass! I love watching him grow and seeing his cute personality develop. I can't believe we've only had him for 6 months, It feels like he's been a part of our family forever. 


  1. He's getting so big!!! I love watching your boys grow up!

  2. I know its so sad!! Why do they have to get so big so fast?? Thanks so much! Baby girl is making her appearance soon isn't she??

    1. Very soon!! The countdown is on!! 2.5 weeks!!

  3. Oh my heck, he is so stinkin' cute Whitney!! I really need to get a hold of you when I make my many trips down to Utah to see these cuties in person!!