25 June 2016

Gage Turns Two!

Yesterday we celebrated Gage's Second birthday and like always, I can't believe how cruel time is! We barely made it to the hospital in time for his arrival and he's been keeping us on our toes ever since. Gage is our little spit fire. He's not afraid of much and got his nick name "bam bam" {bam for short} early on in his life. He may be a wild one but he still has the sweetest little soul. He loves animals and gives kisses and hugs to all his stuffed bears multiple times daily along with our dog. Gage adores his big brother! Wherever Ryder is you'll find Gage tagging along. He is so very smart for being so little. His vocabulary is amazing and he can already count to ten and almost has his ABC's down perfect. He is a kid after my own heart with his love of donuts, sleep and the color red. We sure do love our little bam!

We celebrated yesterday with a huge stack of donuts and taking him to his favorite restaurant for dinner. Gage sang Happy Birthday loud and proud along with us and blew out his candle on top of his donut cake then yelled "do it again!" In his sweetest little voice. I wish I would've gotten it on camera. The celebration continues today with lots of water fun outside and more good food and treats tonight. 

We can't wait to see all the places you go Gage. Happy second birthday little man! 

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  1. Oh goodness how fast the time has flown by! Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy!