27 June 2016

31 Weeks & Some Favorites

31 weeks. You guys, I am thirty-one weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is flying by and the best way to describe my feelings right now is so excited in a terrified and overwhelmed sort of way. I'm not even going to lie, I am scared. Out of all my pregnancies this one has been the hardest and I feel like I was way more prepared at this point in my last two pregnancies. It's one of those things where It freaks me out that she could possibly be here in as little as 6 weeks but I also can't imagine being in this pregnant body for another 9 weeks. #moodswings

 On top of that I can't help but think about how things will be when she is here. Taking care of THREE small children. When I asked a friend how it was adding a third baby into their family she replied with "It's like you're drowning and someone throws you a baby." You guys..... I have no words. 

Buuuut I feel like all these emotions, including the scared to my very core emotions... are normal. I am also so very excited, I catch myself laying out all her clothes imagining what she'll look like in them and what her personality will be like. There are days I still can't believe I'm having a girl and at the same time I feel like I already know her. When Tyson and I were first married I always said to him that our future family would be made up of two boys and a girl. So My first thought when we were surprised with this pregnancy is that I finally get to meet our baby girl that has been waiting for us and I've been dreaming about. My heart is so full. 

So I've panicked, I've cried and I've made a loonnggg list of things to get done. Because apparently a closet full of dresses and headbands are fun and all, but homegirl needs necessities like onesies, socks and burp rags. Oh and a car seat....we should probably get one of those. Lord help me. 

Even though the husband has basically banned me from buying anything else for baby girl until we get the "necessities" {Like headbands aren't a necessity.... insert eye roll emoji} I have to share with you a few of my favorite finds as of Late.
Old Navy has been my go to shop for cute and affordable clothes this year. They really are killing it this Summer for my boys as well as baby girl. Right now I am loving this Crochet-Yoke Dress, Gauze Floral Dress and Gauze Bubble Bodysuit.
Free Babes just released a new chambray bow collection today in Coral, cream and Peach Sherbet that I'm swooning over! I also really love the Jessica Garvin X Free Babes Handmade Collection but they always sell out in minutes.
I have a post coming up about my maternity favorites but I just had to share that Tubby Todd  released their new Mama Collection and I am so excited to try the Belly Balm that everyone is raving about.
Time to tackle my huge to do list. This week's tasks consist of taking away Gage's binky and moving him out of his crib. Someone have a drink for me.
 Have a great day! xo

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