09 June 2016

Gage is almost TWO

We've had quite the busy week over here so I'm extra excited that it's almost the weekend! I had my glucose test, we've been getting ready for Father's Day {keep your eye out of a post coming soon} and Ryder had a stomach bug yesterday where he puked non stop all while we are trying to prepare to lay sod in our backyard this weekend. You guys, pass the coffee. But most importantly we are getting ready to celebrate a cute little boy's second birthday in just a few short weeks! 

I don't even know where to start when it comes to our little spit fire. He has just lit up our lives! Gage is so smart saying all sorts of big boy things and counting to ten. His voice you guys, is this sweetest thing you would ever hear! He is a sour patch kid, smacking you in the face then giving you the biggest kiss right after. He has the biggest smile and the best mean mug. Gage is very honest, he'll tell you if your outfit is ugly, let the waitress know if his food was disgusting and will even yell out the car window for people to move or ask a complete stranger for money, all in his own nice little way. He also always asks if he can kick baby sister back because she kicked him first...We're working on all of it. :) But he also has a tender heart, he loves giving hugs and kisses and will never pass up an opportunity to cuddle dad on the couch. He absolutely loves his big brother and it melts my heart on a daily basis. He cries for Ryder when he's hurt or upset and wants to do everything big bro is doing. They are the best of friends and I love watching them grow up together. 

Gage loves rootbeer, apples, pasta, Cheetos and his most favorite thing of all is donuts. Gage is all boy loving anything to do with sports, cars, balls and animals. He is a blanket hoarder and goes no where without his lovey. He is also way attached to his binky which is going away as soon as he's two. Heaven help us. 

Gage you sure have added so much happiness and love to this family! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we are so excited to watch you grow up!! 

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