03 June 2014

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner and with baby #2 due soon I wanted to get my shopping done soon, just in case he arrives early. {PLEASE arrive early little man!!} Here are some of my favorite gift ideas I have found.

First, Check out my Fathers Day Gift Idea from last year. I plan on doing this every year and think it would make a great tradition. Then you can look back at how your kids have grown. 

My husband's night stand is covered in keys, change, Chapstick, receipts, pens and random junk. It drives me NUTS. This Desk Caddy would be a perfect way to organize it.

If your husband is anything like mine he has a weird thing about razors and will spend a fortune on them. This Shaving Kit would be a great gift for any man. Throw in their favorite shave gel and you've got an awesome gift. 

We can never find a bottle opener in our house! This Personalized Wood Bottle Opener is an easy and simple gift idea. You could even stick a magnet on it and throw it on the fridge! 

Every holiday I like to do a fun craft with Ryder. Hand prints are my favorite and since my hubby likes to fish this would be perfect. 

Happy shopping!!

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