09 June 2014

Hello Summer Time

Summer Time has officially arrived over here! There's nothing like opening the windows in the morning, turning on some music, and enjoying some iced coffee next to some fesh flowers. I finally broke down and bought this coconut milk candle and it smells exactly like summer! 

Even though it's really hard being 9 months pregnant in this heat, we are still spending lots of time outside in the sunshine. With it getting harder to chase after a toddler tornado, our daily walks have been cut back and we mostly find ourselves relaxing on the front porch during the cool morning hours. I'm ready for this babe to get here so I can get back to doing normal things. I'm really excited to take Ryder to the pool and splash pad this year since he is old enough to enjoy it. 

Did I mention I'm a thousand weeks pregnant?? Thankfully my doctor appointment went really well and I'm already starting to progress. We had a labor false alarm the other morning and contractions stopped right as my husband got home to take me to the hospital. I'm hoping for his arrival this week but with my luck it probably won't happen. For now I'm just trying my best to enjoy this last little bit of pregnancy because I know I'll miss it once he's not in my belly anymore.

Happy Monday!!

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