21 June 2014

First Day Of Summer

Happy first day of Summer everyone! Unfortunately, our weekend started off with a sick kid and we spent most of our day cleaning up puke. Who knew a little body could vomit so much?? I have been stressed all weekend thinking we are all going to be sick when this baby arrives. But thankfully Ryder is feeling better and so far me and the hubby aren't showing signs of catching it. Pray we don't catch it!!
Even though the first weekend of Summer got off to a rocky start, we did get a cool down on Thursday and I was actually able to take Ryder on a long walk in the morning and not be miserable and hot. In fact, we were both in sweatshirts! 

Don't worry, The next day it jumped back up into the 90's and I went back to my hot mess, waddling, 39 weeks pregnant self. 

This poor sick boy just wanted to cuddle all day yesterday. Unfortunately our cuddling went from cute and sweet to puke in my hair and down my shirt. The dog was a little luckier than me. 

We finally got outside for some fresh air and a Popsicle today. 

This is our last weekend as a family of three and even though we couldn't do much, I am soaking up every minute of it! I hope you all are having a great Summer weekend and cheers to a new baby next week!


  1. I'm thinking about you and your new baby! Has he graced you with his presence yet? Sending you warm wishes!

    1. Thank you that is so sweet of you!! He did finally make his arrival! Now it's your turn! :) hope you are feeling well! Thanks again

    2. Just saw his pictures, what a beauty! Glad to hear you are all doing well. Im hoping any day now ;) lol Thank you!