05 June 2014

37 Weeks

How far along: 37 Weeks
Gender: Boy!!
Weight gain: I will find out at my appointment tomorrow 
Maternity clothes: If you consider yoga pants and my husbands t-shirts maternity clothes
Stretch marks: 2 on my belly. Gasp!
Belly button in or out: It's flat and not cute at all
Sleep: What sleep?? It has been impossible to get a good nights rest between going to the bathroom and having to sit up to roll from side to side
Best moment this week: Putting together the swing, bassinet and pre registering at the hospital. Getting so close!
Worst moment this week: Just having no energy, no sleep and sore hips 
Miss anything: Fitting into jeans, sleeping on my belly and I just miss not being pregnant :) 
Movement:  Lots of it!  His kicks are really strong now that he's running out of room
Cravings:  Orange juice, smoothies, ice cream sandwiches and toast.
Queasy or sick: This week I've been really nauseous. I think it's because it's been so hot outside
Looking forward to: My appointment tomorrow. Hoping I am progressing some what!

Like I said we got the last of the baby stuff set up and we are officially ready for this little guy's arrival. Pray to the cervix gods that I've started to dilate!


  1. where did you get that skull shirt?! I need it! lol I keep checking on here to see if you've had him yet!!

    1. I got it online! I forgot the name of it I'll look and get back to you :) it's super cute in person!! Ugh no baby yet....I thought he was coming a few days ago then contractions stopped. Boo!! Hoping he comes this week :)