30 May 2014

Happy Birthday Ryder!!!

Really early this morning, my little baby boy turned two years old. I'm not sure where time went but we sure have loved seeing him grow up! Ryder is the sweetest and most loving little boy you will ever meet and has the the cutest personality. Here are a few things about Ryder...
His favorite person in the whole wide world is his daddy. Daddy makes everything better!
Whenever a bird or plane flies by he tries SO hard to jump in the sky and catch it. 
He pretends to cough then grabs my hand to pat his back. 
His favorite words are noooo and more. 
He calls any man with white hair "papa!!"
He loves animals, loves to fish, going on walks, chasing the dog Cash and anything outdoors. 
He carries a Pepsi can around calling it "Dada's water"
He loves trucks, cars, playing in the dirt, any kind of ball, balloons, planes and bugs. 
His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and Little Bear. 
He loves riding in his dad's truck and asks to go in it daily. 

We are so blessed to call this boy ours and can't wait to see what the future brings for him. We love you Ryder Trace!!


  1. Your son is so beautiful! They really do grow up so fast. :)

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes they do! It's so bittersweet