03 August 2014

Hello August

Is it just me or is anyone else really sad that Summer is slowly coming to an end?? I am usually really excited for Fall but this year I'm just not ready for it yet. So we jam packed the month of August full of summer activities including a demolition derby, monster truck show, a camping trip and a trip to a drive in movie. And we can't forget about s'mores eating and more parade watching.

We've also been spending a ton of time outside soaking up every last summer moment. Ryder's new favorite activity is whip cream finger painting. I got this idea from Laurie at Disney and Diapers Blog. It's just whip cream with food coloring and I let him go crazy on some parchment paper. He also thought it was hilarious when I sprayed him off with the hose afterwards. An easy way to keep a 2 year old entertained for an hour. 

The dog even enjoyed it seeing as he ate all of it when I went inside to check on Gage. At first I thought Ryder did it until I saw Cash with a rainbow colored mustache. 

Meanwhile Gage has just been refusing to sleep and nurse all while being too dang cute for his own good. The good news is I am starting to get used to running off no sleep minus the incident where I fell asleep pumping and woke up to a milk filled lap. I keep telling myself one day I will be able to sleep, eat a meal sitting down and get ready for the day.....one day.....

Also, Ryder has apparently learned a new word. Gage was crying in his car seat when I hear Ryder mumble from the back seat "you little shit". And like a good parent I laughed, took a selfie, instagramed it and then told him we do not say that word. I blame his daddy!

What are you guys up to the last few months of Summer??


  1. I'm ready for January!! Normally I wouldn't be but I'll have a new bundle of joy with me! Lol I'm totally trying the finger paint soon!! Landon would love it!!

    1. I would be excited for January too!! Do you know what your having?? I'm good with January coming fast as long as Spring comes soon after it :)

    2. Not yet! Find out sept 8th! And yes! I hope January comes and spring comes quickly after lol