10 August 2014

Our Weekend

Well, Another weekend has come and gone. Why do the weekdays drag on and the weekends fly by??  We are making sure we soak up every last minute of Summer so we packed our weekend full of fun, sun-filled activities.

Saturday morning started off with little sleep, lots of coffee and baby smiles. And when I say little sleep I mean a total of 2 1/2 hours. 

Daddy telling Gage he needs to start sleeping at night. Obviously Gage thinks he's joking. 

Later that day We left Gage with grandma and took Ryder to dinner and a Monster Truck show. This kid was in heaven! He never took his eyes off the trucks and he got pretty concerned when they would leave the track saying "trucks gone??" I love putting a smile on this boys face and it was so nice just to focus all our attention on him. 

I'm obviously interrupting his serious truck watching with my ridiculous selfie.

This morning I was so tired from getting home late and being up with Gage So Tyson got up with both boys and let me get an extra few hours of sleep. Then he took Ryder fishing so I could have some quiet time. Later in the afternoon I picked up some lunch and met them at the park to eat and feed the ducks. There was no one there and the weather was perfect. 

After lunch, we came home and spent some more time outside chasing bubbles. It was the perfect way to wear Ryder out and he actually took a nap!

And now Gage is asleep and Tyson took Ryder on a hike in the mountains so I can yet again have a few minutes of peace. He must have sensed that I really needed it and I sure do love all that man does. 
So now the house is {somewhat} clean, the laundry is done, my nails are painted and after an amazing weekend with my family I am ready to conquer the week ahead!

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