18 August 2014

Life Lately

We've been staying super busy over here juggling a newborn, a 2 year old and all the fun and craziness that comes with it. Gage's sleeping habits are slowly improving. He still has a hard time napping during the day which I find really odd for a newborn. He is up most of the day now and only really gets fussy closer to dinner and bed time. He does good at night though, only getting up once or twice most nights. It can get hard during the day as I'm trying to get an over tired baby to sleep as well as keep an eye on a toddler and do household chores. It is definitely better than being up all night though. 

We've been taking advantage of the cool morning temps and going out for long walks. Ryder has learned to step on bugs and he thinks it's hilarious. It makes for a long walk of searching through the dirt and we are trying to teach him to be nice to those poor bugs. 

Over the weekend we took Ryder to a demolition derby at our County Fair and he loved it. His favorite was the blue car and he didn't quiet understand why they kept smashing together.
The fair is kind of the end of summer celebration and it made me sad to think it will be over soon! 

Sunday was going to be a day spent cleaning our garage and shed but it turned into a water party on the front yard as soon as Ryder saw his sprinkler balloon hiding in the garage. 

Daddy even joined in

Now it's back to Monday madness! Have a great week 


  1. Yay for sleeping longer at night! What double stroller is that?

    1. is sleep getting better for you over there yet?? I'd actually get a good amount of sleep at night if I didn't have to pump so much! You know the feeling. The double stroller is the Baby Jogger City Select. We bought the car seat attachment and the second seat so we can use it as Gage grows. Its amazing!!

  2. Except spiders! He can be mean and smash those little monsters!! Lol