24 October 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We are so glad it's finally the weekend! On top of Gage having a respiratory infection we also found out yesterday he had a double ear infection. Poor baby was so miserable he screamed for hours. We made yet another trip to the doctors office and they gave him some antibiotics and ear drops which have really seemed to help. The doc said we need our own parking spot after this week. Ain't that the truth. Want to know what's even better then having two sick kids? Having to take care of said kids all by yourself with the hubby out of town for work. Both boys decided Wednesday morning that they wanted to party from 1-4am. I swear they planned it! Ryder talked to me about grass hoppers and elephants while Gage screamed about how he didn't feel good. Thank goodness the hubs will be home for a while now. Now on to my favorites this week....

Whenever I need to nurse Gage in public I have been going outside to my car to feed him. I just hadn't found a cover that I felt gave me the best coverage. With Winter coming up I really didn't want to have to keep nursing in the car so I did a lot of research and stumbled upon Covered Goods. Their covers actually go over your head and cover your back and I love that people cant see when they look over your shoulder either. They are especially great if you have other little ones that you have to chase after like me. You can wear them as a scarf and a car seat cover as well.

I went to the Freshly Picked Warehouse Sale last night so they of course have to be included in my Friday Favorites today! My favorites for little boys are the Camo, Stone Suede and Weathered Brown. I got a really good spot in line last night and was able to get some awesome deals. I barely made it out alive though!

Ryder especially loved the Emoji stickers I brought home from the sale. I turn my back for 2 seconds.....

With cooler weather on the horizon I'm on the hunt for some jackets for the boys. I really love this Mix-Media Moto Jacket for Ryder and this Hooded Camo Jacket for Gage. I'm really loving Camo lately!

I know it's not even Halloween yet but this Philosophy Holiday Spice Rack Trio has me so excited for the Holidays! I love all of their body washes.

Now we are off to enjoy this 75 degree weather while we can because their might be SNOW on Sunday!! Have a great weekend!

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