01 October 2014

Hello October

Happy October everyone! I can't believe this month is already here. September flew by! I'm excited that it's finally Halloween time and all the fun that comes along with it. We officially have pulled out the Halloween Jammie's, have Hocus Pocus on repeat and I have started brainstorming costumes for the boys. 

The weather has been really cool and perfect this past week so we have spent lots of time outside enjoying the fresh air when it hasn't been pouring rain. We've had some awesome thunderstorms and Ryder thinks it's fireworks. Sorry buddy firework season has passed! 
Gage is finally out of the car seat and in the second seat of the stroller instead. He looks so big sitting up all by himself in it. 

We've also been reading our Halloween books which includes the Dracula babylit book. But how cute are all the babylit books?? These are some of our favorites. 

We have a trip to the Pumpkin Patch planned this weekend which I'm really excited about since Ryder is at the perfect age for it and we are planning on baking lots of Halloween goodies this week. I'm really hoping this month doesn't go by fast for us. I'm not looking forward to winter and love all the festive fun that comes with this month. Hope you are all having a great start to October!