21 October 2014

Our {sick} Week & Weekend

 our weekend was pretty uneventful because Ryder has his second cold of the season and he of course gave it to Gage. I'm pretty sure he got it at nursery school and I just cringe every time I drop him off thinking about all germs. Germaphobe for sure. I'm looking into buying some essential oils and hopefully they help this cold and flu season. This is Gage's first time being sick and it's turned into a respiratory infection that just has to run its course. He has been very clingy and all he wants to do is nurse and sleep in my arms so it's been hard to get anything done. He also refuses to sleep in his crib at night and just wants to cuddle up next to me in my bed. I am getting pretty good at doing stuff with one hand though!  Ryder has been so nice to help me take care of Gage. He wipes his nose, pats him on the back when he coughs and makes sure he is always wearing socks. {seriously. Don't try to take off his socks}
Tyson worked out of town last week and he got home just in time to catch the cold himself and help me with the boys all night long. He didn't complain once even after working long hours, being sick, and going into Ryder's room 100 times each night. I on the other hand was a hot mess. I don't do good on little sleep and I even fell down the last 2 of my stairs at 3 am. Yep that happened.

We are slowly on the mend and the crisp Fall air is all we needed some days. 

{his puppy needed to wear some Moccs too}

I also gave Gage his very first haircut and I can't get Over that little curl! Ryder's hair has always been stick straight. I also think it's going to stay a strawberry blonde color and I'm loving it! 

This was the scene after Gage's haircut when "wreck it Ryder" put a whole roll of toilet paper in the bath tub while I got Gage undressed. He just looked at me and said oops! Nice try kid. 

We're pretty frazzled over here but I'm glad that everyone is starting to feel better and I'm looking forward to doing some Halloween filled activities this week/weekend. Hope you are all having a great week!

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