16 October 2014

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Pumpkin

Kidding. This post is all about pumpkins. Sick of hearing about Fall and all things pumpkin?? Good, me either!

A few days ago we spent the day painting pumpkins and listening to thriller. Ryder carefully painted his masterpiece then decided it was more fun to line up the paints in whatever order he decided. It seriously kept him entertained for an hour. 

Last weekend me and Tyson went on a date to watch The Dance Odyssey "Thriller". I used to be a dancer and watching this every year makes my heart so happy! Except for the zombies that walk around the hallways. That brings out my irrational fear of zombies taking over the world. 

This morning the boys decided to wake up waaaay to early, so we made some Jack O Lantern pancakes in our Halloween Jammies. I just threw some orange food coloring in my buttermilk pancake batter and added some chocolate chips and whip cream. Which by the way will make a 2 year old be on a sugar high and run around the house like a wild man. More coffee please!

Happy almost Friday!!

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