08 December 2014

Gage & Ryder's Christmas List

This year shopping for Ryder was so much fun. He is at the age where he has a few things that he absolutely loves and goes crazy for and I can't wait to see his face Christmas morning. A few things we have snagged for him are How do Dinosaurs Count to Ten book, this Construction Train SetBath Hoop, Planes Figure Play Set and we got both him and Gage a Personalized Jalopy Car. He will also get a stocking filled with matchbox cars that I know he'll love. Not that he doesn't already have a million of them.
We kept it pretty simple for Gage since he is only 5 months old and has all of Ryder's old baby toys to play with. He is my binky baby and it's always falling out of his mouth while were out and about so I snagged this Customer Leather Pacifier Clip. This Star Teether is perfect for his little hands to grab and you can chill it to help with teething pain. I am loving wooden toys lately and Bannor Toys has become my new favorite shop. We also got him A Book of Sleep, You can never have too many books and maybe he'll eventually get the hint that he needs to sleep better. He should just be glad I didn't get him the book Go the F to sleep.
We also got this Mini Play Cube as a combined gift for both boys. There is something like this at our Post Office and Ryder goes nuts for it. It will be perfect for Gage as he grows as well.
As a family tradition, we put together a Christmas Eve box for the boys that includes some Christmas Jammies along with a few other things. I am having a hard time finding matching  jammies in both boys sizes since its a little late in the month but I am loving these PJ Sets especially since they could wear them past Christmas.
I can't believe that Christmas is in just a few short weeks! It has been freakishly warm here and it just isn't the Christmas season without snow. The boys however are loving it.    

Hope you all have a great week!

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