04 December 2014

Life lately

We've had a very fun and busy past couple of weeks. Tyson was off work the 2 weeks before thanksgiving and he's been home a lot more since starting his new job so we've been really enjoying having him around more. And I'm happy to have some help with the boys! Two nights ago Gage slept 13 hours straight. Yep ONE-THREE. It was the first time in 5 months that I've gotten a good night's sleep. Granted I woke up at 6 am covered in milk and a little panicked but it was so heavenly! I thought maybe it was a sign that he would start sleeping through the night until he got up every other hour last night. To top it off Ryder decided to party from midnight to 3am. All I want for Christmas is for both boys to sleep at the same time so I can take a nap! Monster #1 is sleeping but apparently Gage didn't get the memo...

Although it doesn't feel or look like Christmas outside due to this weird warm weather we have been having, we still have been in the Christmas spirit. On Black Friday we picked up Ryder his very own tree for his room. He loves it but I'm afraid for the day we have to take it down! I turned it off one night before he was all the way asleep and he flipped his lid. 

We've pulled out all of our Christmas Jammie's and have dance parties to Christmas music. Although no matter what song is playing Ryder sings "shake it off! Shake it off!"  I love putting Gage in all of Ryder's old holiday clothes. I still remember Ryder being that tiny. 

We took the boys to a light parade in our town the day after Thanksgiving. The weather was perfect and Ryder loved all the lights and music. Gage just eventually fell asleep in his Moby. 

                Thanksgiving Day 

There was no sleeping in for daddy during his time off work. 

Yesterday I made a few weeks worth of baby food and let me just say Gage is not a fan. He gagged and spit out his sweet potatoes while banging his hands on his high chair. I guess we'll just stick to oatmeal and breast milk for a while. 

How was that for a photo dump?? Now excuse me while I poor another cup of coffee and pray to the sleep gods the boys sleep good tonight. Happy Thursday!

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