12 December 2014

Our Week & Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by. We spent our days cuddling in bed watching Christmas movies and enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. I am really excited to finish our Christmas shopping this weekend and hit a few Christmas parties. Here's what we've been up to this week...

Gage was really happy to finally be able to ride shot gun. Ryder loved it even more! He kissed him, patted his back and showed his baby all the fun stuff at Costco. And it definitely makes shopping easier for me!

Sunday we went to the Festival of Lights. Ryder loved sitting in the drivers seat and since its been so warm we got to enjoy it with all the windows down. He's been asking to go back everyday since.

Even though it's been nice enough to hang out outside, I still would prefer a white Christmas! The boys have been loving it though.

Now on to the Friday Favorites.....
If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer for the man in your life, check out Dollar Shave Club. It arrived in just a few days and you can choose to get new blades every month or every other month. And its definitely cheaper than the store bought blades.

I am really wanting to try this  Happy Baby Wrap. Right now I use a Moby Wrap and it gets the job done but I would like the fabric to have a little more stretch to it. I wear Gage everywhere we go so this would definitely be useful. The Seafoam color is my favorite!!

I've also had my eye on this  Birdling Diaper Bag. It's a little expensive but I am needing something a little bigger than what I currently have now that I have two kids.
{Hint hint hubby if you are reading this!! Any of these would make greeaaatt Christmas gifts! :) ^^^}

I am really loving these Custom Wooden Bag Tags for the boys. They have their names on the front, then you can put information like name and phone number for if it is lost. They would be great for luggage or backpacks. I also love their Custom Wooden Baby Bottle Tags. Great for if you drop your little one off at a sitter or even cute for a toddlers sippy cup.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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