28 January 2015

7 Months Old

How do I have a 7 month old?? Where did my newborn go? There's such a truth to "the days are long but the years are short" time please slow down!!

Feeding: Gage is still doing great breastfeeding and he nurses about every 3 hours. He likes to snack and I basically just nurse him whenever he wants, I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing. He is also eating solids twice a day. I've tried finger foods with him and all he does is gag. I really wanted to try baby led weaning with him but he wasn't into it. His favorite foods are sweet potatoes, oatmeal and pears. 

Sleeping: whyyyy is this always an issue?? Just when I think he's improving in the sleep department things take a turn for the worse. He naps pretty good during the day taking 2-3 naps daily. We put him to bed around 7:00pm and he sleeps from 7-11pm. Then after that he is up every hour until 5am. He won't go back to sleep until I nurse him which leads me to believe he may be having a growth spurt. 

Milestones: His second bottom tooth has finally broke through. Which makes me a little sad because his one tooth smile was the cutest. His army crawling has turned into speed crawling and he is into everything! The other day he fell out of his highchair before I could strap him in and thankfully I caught him before he hit the ground. Gave me a heart attack!! He is also growing out of his infant car seat and we are looking into a bigger seat for him soon. Carrying that fat baby around in his car seat is definitely becoming a challenge. 

Loves nursing, his binky, sleeping on his belly, taking a bath, making loud noises, putting everything in his mouth, pulling on the dogs ears, his lovey, pulling hair and crawling. He also adores Ryder! Whenever we can't get him to stop fussing we just get Ryder, he's out secret weapon. 

Hates when I take anything away from him or tell him no, getting his diaper changed and getting dressed, getting out of the bath and sitting still. It breaks my heart that he doesn't want to cuddle anymore. He's too busy to sit still. I do sneak a few snuggles in at bedtime though. 

This boy's middle name should be sass and he definitely keeps me on my toes. He is the happiest baby and smiles at anyone who looks at him. We sure do love this little spit fire and we love watching him grow! 


  1. Why do our babies have to grow so fast?! I look down at Ava and know the constant cuddles are only temporary. I miss her being this little and shes not even grown up yet!!! lol I love the picture of Gage doing his little push-up with the dog! haha such a cutie

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