12 January 2015

Valentine's Day Boy Style

Sorry for the quiet blog lately everyone. Both boys are having a hard time sleeping at night, Gage especially. He's teething and gets up every two hours. If I don't nurse him he screams so I end up feeding him all night long. All this commotion wakes Ryder up and as soon as Gage gets back to sleep he comes strolling in the nursery asking for "coffee" and cartoons, which of course wakes Gage up again. Tyson is also sick again so I'm left doing most of the night waking madness on my own. I am running low on energy and since Ryder doesn't nap it leaves little time for me to get much done. Despite no sleep, yucky weather and sickness I am so excited Valentine's Day! I don't know why I love this holiday so much but having kids makes it even more fun. All though the boys have no idea what we're celebrating, it's still really fun to dress them up and give them a little vday box full of treats. Valentine's Day is definitely a little more of a girly holiday but you can still find cute festive stuff for boys! Here are a few of my favorites....

One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five

I get really excited with vday approaching because that means Spring is slowly on its way too! We definitely have a bad case of cabin fever going on over here. We were able to get out of the house a little last week before the weather got bad again. 

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Girl, right there with you on night time teething shenanigans that leave us mamas like zombies! Hang in there!