21 January 2015

Hump Day Happenings

We are still recovering from our sickness' over here and it seems like we've been ill for ages! Thankfully Gage's fever broke a few days ago and he is almost all better. He was so sick on Sunday it was the saddest thing ever, you can tell in the pic that he just didn't feel good at all.

He is teething so he still isn't feeling that great but he's definitely improved. 

{baby gowns are my favorite thing ever!!}

I woke up Sunday morning with the Flu then woke up Monday morning with mastitis. I've never been so sick in my entire life! I'm pretty sure I got mastitis due to Gage getting up 10 times a night and screaming until I would feed him. No joke. He has been getting up 6-10 times a night. Throw that into the mix of everyone being sick and it makes for a rough couple of days. once he's all better we will be doing some serious sleep training. 
Ryder has been such a trooper while we've all been recovering. He's content with playing by himself while I get much needed rest and attend to Gage. He did a great job taking care of us all. Thankfully he was spared from this nasty bug although he did wake up a little stuffy this morning but I'm hoping its nothing too bad. 

I swear the only reason we all got sick is because I ran out of Thieves essential oil! I used the last of it when Tyson was really sick on Christmas so the rest of us wouldn't catch it. Which we didn't even though Ryder snuck a big sip of Tyson's Gatorade mid flu! So I learned my lesson and will always have Thieves on hand. You don't realize how good it works until you are out of it. 

It has felt like we haven't left the house in weeks so a trip to the mall and costco were actually really refreshing.

So again I am really sorry the blog has been a little quiet but we are on the mend and hopefully will be back to our normal schedules in no time. I have a lot to catch up being down for the past 5 days especially at home, Moms should be allowed to get sick! Hope you are all having a great week


  1. I'm buying the starter package of oils and diffuser soon and I can not wait!!! Do you diffuse the thieves or apply directly? And do you use it daily to keep sickness away?! I'll be using plenty of it once baby girl gets here (if she ever decides to come out)

    1. You'll love it! I diffuse it daily and apply it to the boys feet and I also clean with it. I swear by that stuff! It will be a life saver when baby girl gets here! I know a lot of women that actually diffuse it in their hospital rooms. Go start jumping on some trampolines or something!! ;)