07 January 2015

New Year Thoughts & Life Lately

Happy 2015 everyone! I am so excited for this year. With Gage being born last Summer we spent most of the warm days recovering and getting the hang of a new baby, so I am really looking forward to doing some fun activities with the boys  this summer since Gage will be much bigger. Also, Tyson's new job will allow him to be home more so I can't wait to just enjoy him being around. As far as goals go I have a few simple ones I'd like to stick to 
-live a healthier lifestyle {cook healthier meals for the family and work out consistently}
-start saving better for a new home
-less social media
-stress less and embrace the chaos :)
-plan more activities as a family 

2015 is starting out with a big case of cabin fever. Ryder is really starting to get bored staying inside the house even with his new toys from Christmas, The kid just loves to be outside. I'm looking into doing some at home activities and crafts to keep him busy. Thank you Pinterest! We are going to spend January organizing and cleaning while hoping the month passes quickly. Next up, spring time!! Here's what we've been up to lately....

I love when I catch them holding hands. They have been doing it a lot lately and it makes my heart explode. 

Gage is absolutely my twin and I love it. Ryder looks like Tyson so I'm happy that Gage looks like me. I need to pull out my baby book to compare.

Never too old to be swaddled! Gage disagree's. Where did my newborn go??

Ryder's way of cuddling the dog

Gage at his 6 month appointment. He weighs 18lbs 50% and 28 inches long 90%

It takes forever to get Ryder dressed to play in the snow. But it's so worth it! He yells "snowball mama" and is getting really good at making snow angels. 

Teepee shenanigans 

Lots of play dates help the cabin fever. I'd say they make a pretty cute couple. 

Last weekend I planned a trip tubing for Tyson's 30th birthday. It was a blast! They hook your tubes up to a lift that pulls you up the hill so you don't have to walk it and you get so much speed going down the hill. I thought about taking the boys but pretty sure it would be way too fast for them. 

That's our New Year so far and I'm looking forward to making so many more memories this year. Hope you all are having a great start to 2015!

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