10 April 2015

Our Week & Friday Favorites

Hallelujah its Friday friends! What a long week it was. Tyson worked late almost every night, the boys decided sleep was for the birds, and it was cold and SNOWY all week. What the...
Gage must be having a growth spurt or something because all he wants to do is nurse all night long. Which usually wouldn't be a big deal cause I can sleep while I feed him but he's learned how to bite and I just can't get him to stop. It definitely doesn't make for the most relaxing feeds! Ryder also had a hard time sleeping this week and he came into our room one night after having a bad dream. I usually just put him back in his bed and he's just fine but I must have been asleep because I just put him in our bed. And it reminded me why our kids rarely sleep with us! No one got good sleep, including Ryder who was grumpy the next day. He definitely loves sleeping in his own bed and hardly ever asks to sleep with us. 
 The good news is it's Friday and we have warm weather in the forecast! Now onto a few of my favorites this week. 

I can't get enough of these ChildHOODS Shorties. I got Gage a pair for Easter and now I want them in every color! I'm taking advantage of showing off his baby fat rolls while I can. They do sell out pretty quickly but I also love Purl Lamb shorties as well. 

Stay + CO is closing their shop and everything is 50% off! They may not have a lot left but I did snag some pillows for our new home and a romper for Gage.  

I plan on doing a post just on my favorites for our new home but I can't help but share this Plus Print Sheet Set and these White Silicone Utensils. Bright white has been my jam lately. 

These Swim Shorties just remind me how much fun it is dressing boys! The normal baggy swim shorts can get hard to run around in when they are wet so these are definitely on my summer wish list.

How cool are these Neat Cheeks face wipes?? I usually use the Johnson face and hand wipes and I'm not going to lie the boys definitely don't like the taste it leaves on their mouth. Gage also hates when I use them on his binky's. I'm really eager to try them!

 I am loving Little Hip Squeaks new tank rompers for the Summer. They have a new fit and yummy colors!

I hope you all have a great weekend filled with warm weather and lots of good SLEEP :) 

{this definitely describes our week...}

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