20 April 2015

Things You Shouldn't Say To Mom's With Young Kids

I would have to say that my kids are pretty well behaved, Gage is obviously still too young to be throwing tantrums but For the most part Ryder is a polite and respectful, well behaved kid. That is until something important is going on or he knows that I'm at the end of my rope. Kids must have some kind of radar that detects when it's really Important that they behave, that's when they like to play the game "let's see how long it takes mom to lose her shit." 
The other night our realtor showed up to our house unannounced right as we were sitting down for dinner. The house was a disaster zone, Gage had just woke up from his nap and was pulling at my shirt to nurse and Ryder was half dressed because he always makes a mess with dinner. We left Ryder to eat while we discussed some things on the couch. All of a sudden Ryder decides he's going to play said game tonight since he can sense I'm already embarrassed as it is. So He starts throwing his dinner on the floor for Gage to eat then starts yelling that he wants to eat a hamburger bun for dinner. My oh so patient husband walks over to him "you want to eat a hamburger bun for dinner?? What....why.....okay fine." He also insisted he eat it in the front room with us. We go about our business and while me and Tyson are signing papers I hear our realtor say "Oh Ryder why are you are licking daddy's cell phone?" I look over and give him the "drop that phone Right now so help me god" look with which he responds by throwing his hamburger bun at me and running away licking the phone. WHAT THE....WHY??  So here we are, Gage eating food off the kitchen floor, me chasing a half naked toddler licking a cell phone and Tyson picking up hamburger bun pieces off the floor. I. Was. Devastated. Surely she thought we horrible parents raising crazy kids. I apologized and told her how embarrassed I was and she replies "no need to apologize! I have kids too and know exactly how it is." That my friends, is something you say to a mom with young kids. If she had responded with "yeah....wow they have a lot of energy" I would have been pretty upset. The days of families with young kids are full of tantrums, tears, exhaustion and let's just face it they are pretty easy to piss off. There are just certain things you just shouldn't say to moms of young kids....

1. "You look exhausted!"  

2. "How's being a stay at home mom? I'd be so bored!"  

3. "Should you really drink that much coffee while you're nursing?"  
You don't want to see me during the newborn stage without coffee. 

4. "Doesn't the baby weight just slip right off when your are breast feeding??"  
No....no it doesn't...just...no. 

5. "Can he have a treat?" 
Yeah cause we all know what will happen if I say no after you already said treat. 

6. "My baby was walking by that age" 

7.  "I don't let my kids watch tv. It rots their brain."

8. "He still isn't potty trained?"

9. "I think it's important as a mom to put on makeup and look nice everyday"

10. "Wow you're really brave to have them that close in age!"

There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones that watch your three year old throw groceries out of your cart at the store and yell "Damnit mom!" then silently judge you from afar, and ones that say "oh you have your hands full, enjoy it because it goes by way too fast. I miss having my babies in my shopping cart."


  1. Couldn't agree more! :) #8...oh #8!!! And sometimes I wonder why the heck people dress up everyday when you're watching young kids all day...I can't remember a day I didn't have snot, throw up, extremities, or food wiped on my clothes or hair. Yoga paints and t-shirt it is!

    1. Exactly! I'd say if we make it through the day and the kids are alive and happy then it's a good day! Yoga pants and tshirts for life haha!

  2. I am so sharing this post. It's so true