20 August 2013

Ryder's Room Inspiration

Since we are in the process of trying to sell our house, I am patiently waiting to re-do Ryder's room when we are in a new home. So until then, I am searching Pinterest high and low to find inspiration. 

I want his room to be very rustic but also modern. With Antler & Deer decorations and pallets....lots of pallets!

I am definitely going to be doing a pallet wall somewhere in his room. And when I say I, I mean my husband. I also love the Deer head on the pallet wall above, but I have yet to find one to buy.

By time I get to re-doing Ryder's room he will hopefully be in a toddler bed. I haven't found any bedding I love yet except for this sheet. This sheet and the Antler Blanket pictured above is from my new favorite Etsy shop called CarlyMegan. I am obsessed with her unique Antler design and I will be purchasing many things from her including her clothing!

For links and to see more inpsiration for Ryder's room head on over to my Pinterest page

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