26 August 2013

Weekend Randomness

How is it already Monday?? Weekends are flying by too quickly lately!! Here's what we've been up to...

Ryder got his first black eye over the weekend. Curse you glass end table! It's for sale....anyone want it??

He also has learned how to sit in the dishwasher. He thinks its a blast and screams bloody murder when I take him out.

It was so chilly Saturday Morning! It totally felt like Fall and I loved it! We had breakfast wrapped in blankets and Ryder refused to eat without his balloon.

Saturday me and the hubby went on a date and guess what we ended up doing?? Shopping for the babe. Happens EVERY time! There were some amazing sales and I picked up some Fall clothes and CHRISTMAS Jammie's for Ryder!

Sunday rolled around and we watched a little pre season football. We are all patiently waiting for the season to start!!!

And now this was us this morning... Me trying to get ready quickly in our tiny downstairs bathroom and Ryder not wanting me to. So he ended up in the sink with my makeup brushes.

Keep an eye out for my Halloween favorites coming up soon! And I will be posting some Fall and Halloween crafts as soon as Pumpkins are in season. Happy Monday!

PS: Ruum is on sale at zulily.com today! Go snatch some Fall styles while you can.

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