16 August 2013

A boy and his dog

Everyone, Meet our dog Cash. He is a black lab and he is our fur baby. When I first got pregnant I was so worried about how Cash was going to be with our new edition. He had ALOT of energy and I was nervous that when the baby came he would be too rough and would end up being an outside dog. As I got further into my pregnancy he became aware that something was going on. He was very soft and sweet with me and my belly and had more of a calm nature towards me. When Ryder finally came and we brought him home from the hospital he was very excited and hyper. We ended up having to put him outside for the night and I was so worried that he would not be good with the baby. The very next day he was so different. He was so soft and interested in Ryder, that day they became best friends! Cash is very protective of his baby and they have so much fun together! Here are some pics I have found of the last year of them together. Prepare for the cuteness overload....

Cheers its Friday!!


  1. What is it about boys and their labs?!? Preston is so in love with our chocolate lab that she can't lay on the ground without him laying directly on top of her!

    1. oh that is SO cute!!! Aren't labs the best with kids?? I love it!