20 May 2014

Life Lately

Our busy schedule has slowed down just a little bit this week and I'm looking forward to a long relaxing holiday weekend. It's been feeling like Summer over here and we are absolutely loving it {minus me being swollen, sweating like a pig and getting wore out trying to keep up with everyone} here's what we've been up to lately.....

 If only you could hear this giggle

We took a family hike Sunday morning. Tyson was so patient as I waddled behind, took breaks and complained about having to pee the entire time.

I scream for ice cream!

More fishing of course

Ryder and Cash having their morning cuddles.

Baby bumps are the best for playing trucks on.

Garbage truck Tuesdays are his favorite, He sits by the window all morning watching them go by with this excited little face. The sweet little garbage man always waves. 

Have a great Tuesday and let's hope this week goes by fast for the holiday weekend!

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