06 May 2014

Our Weekend {In Pictures}

The weather was perfect last weekend and Tyson had Monday off, which made for an extra fun and busy few days. With Tyson being so busy at work we loved having an extra day with daddy.

Friday while we were waiting For Tyson to get off work Ryder and I took a nice long walk by the river. Throwing rocks and playing in the dirt is this kids speciality. 

He apparently needed a little rest after our long walk and chose to lay right on the dogs head. Cash is such a good sport and didn't even move.

After a messy snack time and an outfit change we headed to Starbucks for an Italian soda then headed back outside to play. It's so hard to keep this guy inside!

Saturday we helped a family member move, went out for lunch, played outside, napped, then played outside some more. 

Sunday was extra windy so we took advantage and pulled out Ryder's kite he got from Easter. It entertained him for about 15 minutes until he found a big dirt pile to play in. 

Monday we were really busy running errands, catching up on cleaning and picking out new carpet for our home. But we did manage to head outside to do a little fishing. 

It was a busy weekend followed by a crazy Tuesday. Ryder fell and hurt his hand today and we thought it was broken. It swelled up right away and turned an awful dark purple in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, it isn't broken and we just have to keep an eye on it make sure he didn't hurt any ligaments or anything. I'm just glad this day is over and I'm ready to start fresh tomorrow! 

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  1. So glad you had an extra day with Tyson. Sorry to hear about Ryder's hand. :( So sad! I hope he feels better soon.