03 September 2013

Halloween Excitement & Favorites

It is FINALLY September! I am so excited for all things Pumpkin, cooler weather and Football...LOTS of Football! Now that its September I can start pulling out my Fall decor without getting weird looks from my neighbors and Ryder can sport his Halloween outfits without my husband telling me its "It's August and you are crazy." My house looks like Fall threw up in my front room and I have Hocus Pocus playing in the background - So, Here are our Halloween favorites to get you as excited for Halloween as I am!

Ryder has been in the Halloween spirit for quite some time now. He loves his glow in the dark skeleton jammies and Ghost blanket. I can't wait to dress him in more Halloween goodies!

This was us last year at this time, look how little and chunky Ryder was! Be still my beating heart.

Also, If you love celebrating Holiday Eve's like I do, you need to go check out the book The Night Before Halloween. Ryder already has a few of these books and I plan to get one for every Holiday!

Happy September everyone!!

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