11 September 2013

Barbados {May 2013}

Since I have just recently started blogging I wanted to post a few things that have happened this year when I wasn't blogging, and today I am throwing it back to May of this year when we went on a vacation to Barbados.

Me and the hubby have never been out of the United States so when we went to Barbados it was so amazing to see other cultures and traditions that another Country has. This was also the very first time we were leaving Ryder. He was not even a year old yet and I bawled like a baby when we left!

Barbados is beyond beautiful! Their waters are so blue and their sand is like powder. The locals were all very welcoming and friendly as well!

The hubs is totally Baywatchin' it right here

We did so many fun things while we were there, it was quite a long trip! So I will just post in a nutshell our adventures. One of my favorites was our Sunset Cocktail and Dinner Cruise that included swimming with the Turtles. We took a Catamaran for about an hour to where the Turtles were. They gave us Snorkel gear and we were able to just take our time and swim around. The Turtles were so beautiful! The water was so clear so you could see them perfectly and they would swim right up to you. Then on the way back we got to eat dinner and watch the Sunset.

Barbados is known for their Rum, so we took a Mount Gay Rum Factory Tour which was actually very interesting! You were able to taste all their different Rums if you wanted to and at the end they had a Cocktail making contest. Which was so entertaining because every couple made their own Cocktail and everyone else got to drink it. 15 couples + ALOT of Rum = Drunk people watching entertainment!

Next we went to Harrison's Cave. Which had some really cool history! 2 men found these caves in the pitch dark, when they climbed through a hole into the ground which led to a waterfall. These caves were full of stalagmites, waterfalls and little ponds.

On the night before we left we went to a dinner party on the beach. They had a live local band, fire dancers, men on stilts, amazing local food, a fire breather and much more!

Yep thats me dancing like the American girl that I am!

We had the best time in Barbados and would totally recommend it to anyone. There is nothing like getting away to a Tropical Island with the one you love!

Happier than a Camel on Wednesday's. HUMPDAAAYYY


  1. Looks so fun! How was it being away from your son that long? I am hoping to go on a vacation away from my son when he is done breastfeeding...I'm hoping around 17 or 18 months?

    1. It was hard until we arrived at the Island. I cried all the way to the Airport! But once we got there I actually did great! I didn't cry or get upset about it the whole time we were there. I think it's because we stayed busy and we totally needed the vacation lol! I would do it again! You definitely should go! If I can do it you can too! :)