25 February 2014

Life Lately

Well what can I say, life has been crazy busy lately. We are still trying to sell our house, trying to get Ryder's room and the nursery started, spring cleaning and my husband has been traveling and working like a mad man. All while I am starting to get big and pregnant while taking care of the toddler tornado all by myself. Can you say exhausted? The good news - the weather has been amazing around here lately. So we have been able to relieve some stress and play in the sun.

                                           Just like daddy!

You know it's been a rough day when you get dinner at Jimmy Johns in mis-matched Jammies and moccasins. You don't even want to know what I looked like. Hot mess express.

You would think that all this playing would wear Ryder out...nope! We are still on nap strike over here. But we are surviving with lots of cuddles and bed time being at 7pm. I mean, how can I get frustrated with this smile?? This is his 'try all you want, I'm still not napping' face.

I think Cash is needing a little break himself. He even hides out in Ryder's teepee, but he always finds him.

We are just taking things day by day until the husband is not so busy. Until then, wish us luck with bottle weaning, transitioning Ryder out of his crib, and just getting showered and dressed for the day! 

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