04 September 2014

Mama & Mister: Cool Weather Style

I haven't done a Mama & Mister Style post in a while and since I just stocked up on some Fall clothing during the Labor Day sales, I thought a cool weather post was in order!
I love that Gage is slowly starting to grow into bigger jammies so him and Ryder can match! Gap is having a Sale on their toddler and baby PJ's right now {which hardly ever happens by the way!} and those arrow jammies are my favorite! If you have a girl you have to check out their Milk and Cookies Sleep set. If they didn't have a hint of pink on them, the boys would totally be wearing them!

'tis the season for leggings and I've had my eye on those camo ones for months. Abercrombie had a Labor Day sale and these babies were more than half off! I also snagged these Coral leggings and wish I would have bought more. Lately I have been really into Camo and Coral so that sweater is going to go perfect with the leggings. Too bad I don't have a baby girl to dress in those colors. Maybe someday....MAYBE.  

I also stocked up on some Halloween goodies during the sales so look out for a Halloween Style post! Is September 4th too soon to dress the boys in Halloween gear??  


  1. I'm gonna have to start lookin up some mama and misses clothes now :)

    1. Ah your having a girl?? Congrats that's so fun! One of each is perfect!! Don't worry I'll throw some misses posts in there for ya ;)

  2. Yes!! I'm excited but nervous!! I was such a tomboy growing up lol