15 September 2014

Last Week + Weekend

Last week Tyson was out of town for work so that meant long days of relaxing with the boys while trying to do everything myself. I forgot how much he helps out until he leaves for a week!

Ryder gets stir crazy really easy if we don't leave the house atleast once a day so we spent one morning feeding the ducks once again....his favorite! 

Ryder has molars cutting through and to top it off he started getting a cold last week. So we have had some reaaallyyy long nights around here. I would finally get Ryder back to sleep and Gage would wake up to eat. They totally tag teamed me bad one night. So when Tyson got home I welcomed him back to the land of no sleep and we've gotten 3 hours tops of sleep per night ever since. 

Despite Ryder being sick, we took him to the planes, trains and automobiles show on Saturday. Three of his favorite things in one place and he loved every minute of it. He got to see so many different types of planes and helicopters, fire trucks, air shows and he even watched a cop car and helicopter race. 

That night we left the boys home with grandma and went on a much needed date. We ate dinner and walked through a chalk art festival which was so amazing.

Sunday night came too fast and I snapped a few pics of their bedtime routine with daddy. 

And now we've welcome Monday with 2 hours of sleep, 2 boys who won't nap and a doctor appointment that I hope I survive alone with both kids . Here's to tomorrow being a new day!

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